Our Services

We offer our almost total solution to deal with recyclable materials and thereby our customers can reduce the cost of waste disposal with while fulfilling their environmental obligation while earning a reasonable price for their recyclable waste. Considering the reputation and standard of organizations, we would like to commit ourselves the standard of services that match.

We will provide you with, required collection bins /boxes with proper label, to collect waste cartons, waste paper, waste plastic and metal etc. that can be placed at suitable area in your warehouses / offices / premises and collections of generated recycled materials can done either daily or alternative days or at mutually agreed time.

Our Fleets

We have large number of vehicles and trained staffs, working 24x7 to meet ever growing demand for our services that we execute with great sense of responsibility.

Confidential paper shredding

We provide confidential paper shredding to all our customers at free of cost and a certificate of destruction will be issued to you in this regard. Our facility in this regard can shred / destroy five tones of paper per hour and the shredded paper will be recycled by us. Your representative can witness the process and can arrange to take photos of the process if necessary. Many of our leading customers are currently availing this facility with highest satisfaction.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We offer to partner with you in your effort to meet your CSR obligation in the environment related issues and if required, assistance will be provided to you meet your environment audit related issues for ISO certification


We have signed agreements with three municipalities (Manama Municipality, Northern Municipality & Southern Municipality) for their upcoming recycling projects which is expected to have a great environmental impact in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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